How to wind down when the world's gone mad

2020 so far has just been a bit of a mess - war threats, storms, fires, pandemics, protests and who knows what else is to come - so it's no surprise some of us are feeling slightly frazzled right now. It can be hard to wind down at the end of the day with so much going through your head. Here's a couple of simple ideas that could help you get back to 'normal'.

A little bit of self care goes a long way

So many of us strive to constantly be busy, to do as much as possible so that we feel as though we've accomplished something, as well as keep our minds focused on other things. A lot of the time, just slowing down and setting time aside for ourselves is all we need. Put on a face mask, fluffy socks and dressing gown, grab some snacks and watch your favourite cheesy romcom from the 2000s - personal favourites include Bridget Jones's Diary (of course) and Sweet Home Alabama. Another self care favourite of mine is the Lush Sleepy body butter. If the smell of this stuff doesn't calm your mind slightly then I don't know what will!

Get that Social Interaction

This pandemic has really starved our face to face social interaction. Honestly, Facetime just isn't the same. With lockdown easing in all parts of the UK now, seeing people from outside of your house makes such a difference - even if you can't get close to each other. Just having a conversation with people you don't live with is an instant mood changer. Head to your local park, pack a blanket and have a socially distanced drink with a mate. I guarantee you will leave feeling more relaxed than when you went.

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Get dressed up for no where

If you're like me, you have spent the majority of the past 2 and a half months in pyjama bottoms and hoodies. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the comfy life, but every now and then it just feels so good to get dressed up for absolutely nothing. There's no stress of being ready on time because *shock* you've got nowhere to be! You can take your time and just have fun with it. I've got a whole host of outfits planned for when normality starts to return because of this.

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Keep work life separate

So many more of us are working (or teaching) from home at the moment and that can really effect our ability to switch off at the end of the day. Try to keep your work life and home life as separate as possible. If possible always work in a different room to your bedroom - this is a space for relaxation, you don't want it to be associated with work! I find it much easier to switch mentally between work and life if there is a physical switch too. I don't wear my slippers while working at home. Then, when I finish work, I put them on. It's kind of like the equivalent of my commute home right now - something that tells me I'm done for the day. Sounds silly but I think it kind of works?

What have you been doing to stay sane during lockdown?

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