How We Create Handwriting Sweatshirts

This year, we released a brand new way to personalise your wardrobe - the Handwriting Cuff Sweatshirt! Keep reading to see how we turn your handwriting or doodle into a super personalised gift, plus, everything you need to know about how to order.

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Step 1.
Well, good news, your end is SUPER easy and literally anyone can order one of these jumpers. In case you have no idea what we're going on about, we can embroider your very own handwriting (or that of a loved ones) onto the cuff or breast pocket of a sweatshirt. You also pick the sweater colour and the embroidery colour to make sure that this is 100% YOU. This makes them the cutest, meaningful gift for mum, dad or anyone!

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Once you've decided on all your colours, just take a clear photo of the writing you would like stitched on the sleeve. This works best if it is a dark, thick pen on plain white paper in bright lighting. Check out the pic below to see what we mean!
love you embroidered handwritten sweatshirt
Step 2.
So, you've got your photo and you've decided on your colourway... now all you have to do is send it to us! This is super easy, just send your photo in an email to! Now it's all over to us, so sit back and keep an eye out for the postie.
Step 3.
Now, on our end, we first go over your image and check that this is something that will fit in the embroidery hoop - sometimes we do some moving around of text. We then trace over the image to get a black and white version of your handwriting. If this works, we put this into our embroidery software, scale it to fit, throw it on a usb and then run it over to the embroidery machine. Once everything's in the hoop and lined up ready to go, we just click the big button and leave it to it! Head over to our instagram to see how satisfying the embroidery machine time-lapse looks. 
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and Voila! Once the embroidery is finished, your top is steamed, folded, packed and sent off to your home! You'll be wearing your new personalised sweatshirt in no time!
Still got some questions? Just drop us an email at or give us a message on our instagram - we always love hearing from you guys!

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