How You Guys Have Been Rocking Pride Style!

There's nothing we love more than seeing how you rock our designs! The past few weeks have been all about Pride baby! Following on from Tuesday's post (which you can read here), we wanted to get back to our own voice and the fact we support the LGBTQ+ community all year long. Most of these designs are from earlier in the year, but things always go wild during Pride month. With our very own Manchester Pride this weekend, we took a look back at how you guys have been rocking our sass-tastic designs!

I mean, we can't quite cope with how good @­charma­ine­hungsm looks in her YAS Men sweater, talk about killing it!!! With a perfect pout and some Kimmy K attitude, we couldn't think of a better way to rock one of our best selling designs!

Yas Man Sweater 

First rule of Pride: Keep. It. Sassy. @boyinbreton clearly got the memo! Giving us a bit of 'blue steel' and rocking some celeb sunnies, Michael has definitely reach the ultimate sass level!

Keep It Sassy T Shirt 

Another day, another Yas Men design. This time it's the gorgeous @jakedupree , looking incredible (just look at those muscles guys!). Teamed with a smile and a selfie, the only way to get prepped for Pride!

Yas Man T Shirt 

Next up is our Pride AF tee rocking all the way in the US of A baby! Yes we've taken America by storm (in our heads anyway) and look how California suits us! We're spreading the message across the world and we're Proud AF!

Proud AF T Shirt 

Here is more from @eddie_estrada teaming our pink version at California Pride earlier in the year - We are very proud to be a part of the US journey!

Next up is @­cruves­an­dco­cktails taking our Vanjie tee to Brighton Pride! Possibly the only other Pride we wish we'd attended (we're totally loyal to Manchester babes), Vanessa is looking truly scrumptious in her Dom & Ink design!

Vanjie T Shirt 

And finally, the man himself; Mr Dom & Ink, wearing his own design; our bestselling Vanjie tee! We're massive Ru Paul fans, so to have a tee dedicated to the show, that doubles up as a fabulous Pride tee too...nailed it!

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