It's ALL about Diamonds, Angels and Black Lipstick!

Morning Girls!

Our Song of the Week has to be Marina and The Diamonds new Tune ´Shampain´!

The singer who is about to embark on her next UK tour (she´ll be at the Ritz in Manchester on 31st October!) is quickly becoming one of our firm favourites! We love her quirky style and lyrics - Take a look at her Black Lipstick! It´s perfect for adding an unusual twist to your look and is super sexy for this Halloween!

Her latest song is all about Champagne and Angels - Two of the things we´ll definitely be loving this Halloween! Get yourself a bottle of champagne and a gorgeous Fallen Angel Costume from our Halloween Fancy Dress section.... With metallic silver leggings and Black Feather Wings this costume is already flying out for this Halloween!

Sing along girls!

"Drinking champagne, made by the angel Who goes by the name of Glitter and Gabriel Drinking champagne made all the angels Tears and pain, but I feel celestial"

If you´re a Diamond (Marina Fan!) why not head over to The Ritz this Halloween - don´t forget your fancy dress and Black Lipstick!!

Lots of Love, The Girls xx

PS Speaking of Diamonds...Have you SEEN our new Multi-coloured Face Diamonds?! They´re Yummy!!
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