JLS Celebrity Masks - Aaaaaah!!

It´s no secret that we are fans of the lovely JLs here at GNO!

You may have seen our Blog admiring their Geek Chic style (covered in an interview with Look magazine)

You may have even heard us singing along to their tunes in the background of one of your phone calls to us... (cringe!)

 Now, we´ve actually been to see them live!

Last month the Girlynightout team saw the boys perform at the MEN arena in Manchester and they were just as good as expected! In fact, we´re pretty sure that Aston waved at us at one point!? Woohoo!

To show our love for the boys, we now have in stock some brilliant JLS Celebrity Masks! We´re sure you´ll find them just as good as the real thing! (Sadly their toned torso´s are not attached...)

Choose your favourite JLS boy - So Lads, if you´re looking for a quick Fancy Dress fix then why not get you and your pals together to make your very own ´JLS Tribute Band´?! (Skinny jeans and super low V-neck tshirts are compulsory...)

Our Celebrity Masks are great for Fancy Dress or for playing drinking games - Guess Who? Guess which Celebrity Mask you are (no peeking!) We have a full range of celebrity masks online, take a look at the Royal Family Masks - Perfect for the Royal Wedding in April!

See JLS in action for yourselves! The boys have just announced 4 dates for June when they will be touring with Olly Murs. Locations include Belfast, Chelmsford, Swansea and Limerick. .

Get your tickets quick!

Love, The Girls xx

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