Last Minute Halloween Costumes

This Halloween is definitely going to be different than usual! Maybe you're one of the few people without strict restrictions though and can still go out for a drink or meet up with some friends! Or maybe you're planning a virtual Halloween party with your mates. Either way, you can still dress up for sure! So, here's some last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Rachel Green - or any of the Friends cast!

You might recognise this outfit from a while ago! Rachel Green is a true style icon and this outfit is recognisable for anyone that's a fan of the show! You can get our Pivot or Unagi t-shirts online now!

 easy last minute friends tv show rachel halloween costume

Kim Possible

A true kids tv classic. Have you got a black t-shirt and khaki trousers? You're basically there! I used our Hungover tee and added some boots and gloves for the full effect. Go one step further and add a dark lipstick to your top lip only!

 easy last minute kim possible halloween costume

Mean Girls

On Wednesdays we wear pink! This is super easy if you own a short skirt and a 2000s style bag. Want to make it even more recognisable? Cut two holes in the front of your tee for that iconic moment! I added in a little Halloween vibe with our Hundead tee!

 easy mean girls inspired halloween costume from rock on ruby

For an even easier mean girls inspired look - just go as Damian! I used one of our basic hoodies that are in our sale right now!

 Damian mean girls easy last minute halloween costume

Tina Belcher

From the TV program Bob's Burgers. Tina's outfit is super easy to recreate! Especially if you have short dark hair and a pair of converse. Just add in some awkward dance moves and you're there.

 easy tina belcher bobs burgers halloween costume

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What will you be dressing as?!

Bethan ROR XX

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