Love Island 2018!

We're LOVE ISLAND fans! Yeah...if you've seen any of our social media, you'll know that here at ROR, we're not ashamed of our little obsession, and after last year, it seems like most of the UK is with us. So imagine our excitement watching last night's launch! We must admit, we all agreed that 2017 would be hard to beat. The love triangle between Kem, Amber and Chris, baby Cash, and of course muggy Mike...

So we weren't getting our hopes, especially as it's hard to work people out from the very first episode. Well well well...aren't the producers at Love Island HQ clever! Right from the start we had our favourites! Niall, the cheeky chappy with a Harry Potter tattoo came out with the best quotes; "Philosopher's Stone and chill" and "gayle force prangy", which we're presuming means something bad, as we're no longer down with the kid's language and quoting Shreck were just some of the highlights. Dani Dyer, Danny Dyer's daughter (you couldn't make this up) was another we found ourselves drawn to. She seemed down to Earth and honest, which was actually really refreshing!

There were obvs some awkward moments; when the hot A&E doctor, Alex wasn't picked by any of the girls (if only they knew his occupation, I'm sure one of them would have stepped forward!) we felt a little sorry for him, we hope they have a beauty lined up for him later in the series! Then there was Adam. The "Jess" of last year; who was put in after everyone had coupled up, and it certainly put a cat amongst the pigeons! He's definitely easy on the eye (but not really out type on paper...), and definitely had a game to play! The guys faces when he walked in were hilarious. The episode was left on a cliff hanger, and we don't yet know who Adam has chosen to couple up with (our bets are on Danni!).

Jack, a "pen seller" with the whitest teeth on the planet, is another one our our fave boys. Think Arg from Towie mixed with Mark Wright, but not as cool. We hope he and Niall get to be friends, as we think there's a bromance in there somewhere! Overall, we bloomin' loved it! It had bitchy comments, great bodies and SO much fake tan (deffo getting the St Tropez out later!) and we think it will be a great series. Obviously the internet went mad, and the memes and tweets were giving us life last night. Watching along with everyone else is actually what makes this show so good. It may not be rocket science, but it's a pleasure that we're not so guilty about!

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