Love Island Style!

As you may have guessed from our last blog post we're just a tad obsessed with Love Island. In fact, we are actually getting genuinley worried that we won't have anything to talk about after Monday (let's just hope Jack and Dani get their own spin off!). The ups and downs of the past 8 weeks have made us laugh, cry and hide behind a pillow (mainly from Dr Alex's embarrassing antics). It has also given us A LOT of inspiration for some of our sassy slogans! We love to add a strong message or a bit of humour to our clothing collections, so we came up with a range of Love Island inspired designs that we hope you'll love!

I'm Loyal Babe T Shirt - This HAS to be the quote of the series! Yes, bless little Gee and her loyal behaviour. Just when you thought she was as loyal as it gets, she goes and kisses new Jack, oh the IRONY! We've never seen so many memes (Loyal family, Loyal Mail, Loyal Wedding, the list goes on!). So we couldn't NOT have a slogan dedicated to our fave saying!

Snakey Snakey Snakey T Shirt - Wanna see me snakey snakey snakey! Oh yes, the word of the decade (we totes just decided that...) nothing else conjures up a better description of some dodgy behaviour *cough ADAM cough*. This series has been the year of the snake, with more drama and re-coupling  than ever; so what better way to remember LI 2018, than by rocking this cheeky slogan!

Allergic To Snakes T Shirt - We're totally allergic to snakes...sorry not sorry! Yup, with all the snakey behaviour this year, we thought we'd better let our feelings knows. We don't take any cr*p and we are very much allergic to any snakey behaviour - don't even go there!

Coupled Up T Shirt - Awww we so cute! Taking a leaf from Jack and Dani's book, and feeling all romantic. Let everyone know you're totes in love with our 'coupled up' tee, perfect for wearing whilst making your other half watch the show!

Kiss Me T Shirt - I mean, why be shy?! May as well get straight to the point. Yes, we may not have the pressure of re-coupling and dumping, but we still want to make things happen. Nothing could be more obvious than our 'kiss me' tee! Super cute, yet super sassy - the perfect combo!

Don't Let Girls Feel Insecure T Shirt - The most important of the lot. Adam, Wes, Josh, New Jack, we're talking to YOU! Don't you dare make girls feel anything less than a goddess! We hate seeing the queens on the island, full of self doubt and insecurities! We think EVERY woman and girl deserves to feel AHHHmazing, so rock our slogan and spread the word hun!

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