Love Island: The Boys Are Back!

We don't know about you, but Autumn has been made an awful lot better with the return of our fave summer couple; Chris and Kem! Oh yes, if you're not aware (I mean who could have missed it!?) Chris and Kem were back on our screens on Sunday, with their very own two-part programme. Not knowing how we've survived in the weeks since our favourite show finished, we have to admit, we were pretty excited to catch up on what the boys had been getting up to since they left the island.

And boy, did it not disappoint. We had almost forgotten just how incred the unlikely pair were. From their (rather genius) free styling, to helping each other out with the English language ("No mate, 'rationalise' means when you put food on smaller plates" - Chris) the Love Island winning couple (okay, in our eyes, sorry Amber!) had us cracking up from the get go. The programme followed the lads on their journey towards the top of the charts, and we saw them meet music moguls from Ministry Of Sound and even SONY! We learnt that they had been offered their very on headline show, where they would show case their new song 'Little Bit Leave It'. Kem had the great idea of asking Amber to be their warm up act, as he knew she loved to sing. Chris on the other hand thought it would be good to ask Liv if she wanted to be their bouncer. As you can imagine, it didn't go down well (even when he threw in the tempting offer of her very own florescent armband!).

We have yet to watch ep 2 (which was on last night) but we can't wait to see how their gig turned out! With all the Love Island memories flooding back, we thought we would show you our LI inspired range including some new muggy beauts! Check out the selection below to reignite the summer loving!

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