Love your planet!

Despite the fact that 2018 has brought many worrying times; Trump is still President, we're almost certainly going through with Brexit and the makers of the digestive biscuit told us the chocolate part was the BOTTOM of the biscuit (still can't cope with that!), it's also been a year that the world has seemed more united in trying to preserve our one shared home; planet Earth. No doubt, Blue Planet had a massive impact, but pubs, bars and restaurants have helped by banning plastic straws, introducing recyclable cups and the plastic bag charge has definitely got more of us using our bags for life (when we remember to take them!). 2018 was also a year that us here at ROR HQ decided to up our game when it came to being eco friendly.

Bin Me T Shirt - Plastic Aint So Fantastic T Shirt 

From the start of our business, we have always been aware of 'fair wear' and the use of organic, ehitcally sourced cotton for our products. We ensure we buy our clothing and accessories from companies that have regulated, fair working conditions, right from the cultivating of the cotton, to the sewing of of the t shirts. But what could we do at our end to help? At the start of this year, we decided to practice what we preached, and swapped our plastic bags that we usually send your sassy slogans in, to striped paper bags. This may seem like a simple step, but it took us a while to get it right. We used plastic to keep the product clean, waterproof and safe whilst it makes its way to you. So we had to find a paper bag that did the same! We found one in the end, and we're delighted that we have made the step to more eco-friendly packaging!

Adulting Sucks - Resting Bitch Face - Pumpkin Spice 

We also got together with our fave in-house illustrator, Dom & Ink and created our "Love your Planet" collection. Sassy slogans with a message to spread! From 'Plastic aint Fantastic" to "Bin Me" t-shirts, we made sure we brought the sass to recycling! We've had such a fab response from you guys, and we can't wait to add to the collection in the near future! We've also been making sure we help you get more eco friendly in your day to day lives. We've created some hotter than hot reusable coffee cups! We know you love your coffee, so what better than a coffee cup you can use every day, that also makes you smile with a slogan or two!

Love Your Planet Sweater - Love Your Planet T Shirt 

With daily life in mind, we also expanded our tote bags! Now you can totally shop and save the planet hun! We hope you're loving our new designs and eco products. It really means a lot that you guys appreciate and love what we do! As an independent business, we constantly have to compete with the big brands, that can create more designs, quicker and cheaper than ROR. We know you guys do your research, and we don't have to highlight the fact, that if it's a cheap product, it's cheap for a reason!

We hope that our values and ethics shine through each and every product that we make, and that you love your ethically, sustainable clothes and accessories, designed and hand printed in our little studio in Bury.

Saving the Planet Tote Bag - Love Your Planet Mug 

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