Manchester Pride 2017

The event that we have all been waiting for finally arrived last weekend; that's right, Manchester Pride! We may be biased, but we like to think that Manchester Pride, may just be the best in the world! With our strong community spirit, welcoming nature, and let's face it, a penchant for partying; this years Pride seemed more poignant than usual.

The city has definitely been through the mill this year; with it being just 100 days since the Manchester terror attack, we're still in mourning. But the love, pride and general inclusiveness we felt when we attended on Sunday, made us realise that you definitely can't knock our city down, and Pride was a way to show we still know how to have fun, despite the tragedy!

We got there rather early, and people were still wandering around from the night before (it wouldn't be town without the odd walk of shame!) - but as the morning went on, the party atmosphere started to arrive! From the 'Gay Gordons' bagpiping their way through canal street, to the glitter covered grannies line dancing to S Club 7 - it was amazing! Everyone was having a great time, with people offering free hugs, free face painting and welcoming everyone they met. It felt great to be part of something so exciting and important; a celebration of love and equality!

We were there handing out some sassy postcards and badges designed by Dom and Ink, which everyone LOVE. I mean a bee on a rainbow, who wouldn't love that! You can still get our Pride charity tee here, with 20% of profits going to the official Pride charities around Greater Manchester. Hope you enjoying looking at our fave shots from the day, many of which were too inappropriate to share at this time of day!


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