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Dominic Evans, better known as DOM&INK creatively, professionally and via social media, is not only an extremely talented and well documented illustrator, but is also Rock on Ruby’s own super sassy designer. We impatiently wait after every design day, dying to see what he might create next, excited by every new idea he generates. He has built quite a portfolio of products with us so far; you would easily recognise his mermazing designs on our t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, wall art, mirrors, notebooks… the list goes on. And it’s not only us who love him, he’s been noticed and shared by a whole host of celebs, including Little Mix and Cheryl Cole. He’s hot stuff, and we can’t get enough; we hope this power-team goes on forever.

So, you know his work, but now you can read about the man himself… straight from the unicorn’s mouth if you will. We sat down with Dom for a chitchat about his life, his inspirations and his favourite ROR creations:

ROR: So, what gets your creative juices flowing? 

DE: For me, it can be anything and everything! I find inspiration everywhere, in museums, galleries, films, music videos, clothing, what the girl next to me on the tube is wearing. Everything. I think when you're creative it's always good to make time for yourself so you're ideas don't run out. If I get too tired I'll watch an old film, read a comic book or go for a shop, either way I always come back after 30 mins with a ton of energy and so many ideas raring to go.

ROR: Where does your inspiration for each slogan come from? 

DE: It can be anywhere really. Things I overhear on the tube, people I speak to, tv shows, slang my friends use. I don't think the world can ever run out of awesome slogans, I always have a good 4 or 5 on the back burner of my brain in case I need them one day (insert winky emoji!)

ROR: What made you get into illustration? 

DE: As a child and teen I had always loved comic books and graphic novels. They taught me everything from storytelling, to making imagery sequential, to the balance of text and image. From there, I discovered fashion illustration and my love for figure drawing.

ROR: What is your favourite subject to illustrate/­draw? 

DE: 100% women. I LOVE women. Any shape, size, look, styling, I just love to draw them. I think it's because I used to be obsessed with drawing princesses when I was younger, this was right before the comic book stage! So in my head I've always had their proportions nailed pretty fast when I put them to paper. OH and let's not forget unicorns, ‘cause duh, unicorns.

ROR: When you’re not drawing, what do you get up to? 

DE: LOADS. That's a lie. Since relocating to London, everything is a million times busier and more crazy. Each day is rammed with commissions, briefs and events it illustrate and doodle at. It's totally awesome and I love it, but I'm trying to find a good balance so I can do the things I love outside of doodling; Netflix, exercising and dinosaur spotting.

ROR: You have recently drawn Little Mix and had your illustration shared by the band. If you could draw and have your work shared by your dream celeb, who would it be? 

DE: I think that peaked when Cheryl shared my illustrations. I'd always been a Girls Aloud fan and she holds such a throwback to me in my heart of when I was a lot younger and very badly fake tanned dancing around to 'Something Kinda Oooh'. I think other than that, an illustrator I have always loved is Chris Riddell, so any recognition of him would be epic! Fingers crossed right?

ROR: How did the ROR collaboration come about? 

DE: Holly and I, first met at the DOM&INK 'Trends Illustrated' event at The Arndale in Manchester. Bloggers were given the opportunity to create their own t-shirts using DOM&INK illustrations which was so exciting. We had met before previously at an event but not had time to speak so we made up for lost time at the event and BOOM, a collab!

ROR: Which is your favourite ROR piece so far?

DE: I’d probably say my number one is still Resting Bitch Face, granted it's a bestseller and been copied by a fair few shops and stores but it's such a tongue in cheek and simple design. Then again, the NEW stuff we have for Christmas and SS17 coming up is so so soooooooooooo awesome. I'm really proud of what we have come up with and I think it's so different to stuff we've done before. We also have notebooks, new mugs, iPhone cases, the works coming out. It's a really cool and a mega great time to be working with ROR.

ROR: Which ROR christmas jumper or two will you be wearing this year? 

DE: That’s such a toughie!!! The  'All I Want For Christmas Is A Unicorn' sweater is again, such a great sell out. But then again, I love our Christmas mascot, The Rudolphicorn! There are two different designs with him on and I can't wait to style one (or both) up with some ripped skinnies, pumps, a biker and a glass of mulled wine at a Christmas market!

ROR: What do you hope to do in the future? 

DE: A lot. There is so much coming from DOM&INK and also the collection with ROR. We are taking things in a great direction and I know me and the ROR team are really excited to get out there and shout all about it and how amazing it all is!!


Keep an eye on our social and new in section of rockon­rub­yc­lothing.­com for all new DOM&INK designs hitting the site, there’s new stock every week!

If you love Dom as much as we do, follow his social media below and check out his website. If you know what’s good for you!


Instagram: @domandink

Twitter: @dom_and_ink




Team ROR & Dom xx

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