Meet the Designer: Sally Rose Norman

Jewellery truly is a girl's best friend; when it's homemade, it's made with love. If you didn't know already, we have launched a collection of sterling silver and gemstone rings, in collaboration with Sally Rose Norman.


Meet Sally: Team ROR's order fulfillment queen, and now chief jewellery designer. With a degree in Decorative Arts, (see more in our Meet The Team blog post), you'll quickly see why we wanted and needed her expert eye and hands to create our personalised gemstone ring collection. Choose from a range of sassy cards to accompany your jewellery, whether for a gift or to treat yourself, to ensure you say it just the way you want to. Perfect for birthdays, thank you gifts or just to show them how much you love them, whoever they are!

What does she do?

Sally: "I make simple, delicate jewellery, using beautiful coloured gemstones and sterling silver. My fave pieces to make are my gemstone stacking rings: they my most popular pieces too, which is a bonus! I love trying out new things though - I love playing with different colour combinations, new textures and compositions."

So how exactly are they made?

Sally: "To make a simple ring, I use sterling silver, a gemstone and silver solder. I form silver wire into a circular shape to make the ring, then 'bezel set' the gemstone in silver, soldering the setting to the silver band. I use a burnishing tool to mould the silver around the gemstone and fully secure it in the ring and make it super shiny!"

What is it she loves about the process?

Sally: "I find making so therapeutic; I love working in my own little world in my teeny workshop. I love taking raw materials and bringing them together to make shiny new things! I am constantly collecting new coloured gemstones to create new and on-trend colour combinations, alongside various textures, metal finishes and styles. The possibilities are endless when you’re armed with motivation and creativity: so exciting!

You can purchase the jewellery collection here.

Lots of love,

Team ROR xx

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