Meet The Team

Meet The Team!

Rock On Ruby was created by 4 girls who wanted to bring a more personalised approach to shopping... Here at ROR HQ, we make our own designs but also allow you to create your own! Get ahead of the trends with your very own tee.

We're very Blogger friendly and have worked with some of the hottest bloggers around to bring inspiring designs online. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our special offers!

Introducing Rock On Ruby

Meet Lynz

Lynz manages our busy little ebay shop and knows everything there is to know about online shopping!

Rock On Ruby

Meet Holly

A lot of you may have already been in touch with Holly via email, instagram, facebook or twitter - she's very sociable! :-) Holly works with our bloggers to get the best designs online - check them out in our Blogger Collection.

Rock On Ruby

Meet Sally

Sally is the girl who gets things done! She's also our Head Buyer - From sourcing suppliers to ordering stock, Sal is the girl who makes sure that we get all the hottest things in store....

Rock On Ruby

Meet Olivia

Or Liv as we call her! Liv is responsible for adding all our exciting new designs onto the site. She gets to see all the good stuff first! With her creative writing and cheeky puns, Liv make sure that what you get is what you see.

Keep an eye out for more updates from our team and behind the scenes shots, on instagram at instagram.­com/­rockonrubyxx

Rock On Girls!

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