Meet the Team

Meet Team ROR!

Have you ever wondered how your favourite hump day sweatshirt or Resting Bitch Face make up bag makes its way to you? Well wonder no more! Today we speak to the members of Team ROR. Each with their own unique talents and skills, they come together to bring you the sassiest of prints and designs from our Manchester HQ. Meet Holly, Sally, Graham and Anya…



ROR: How did ROR come about?

H: As a family business, we've been printing Tshirts for years! This was previously aimed at Hen Parties and occasions. Rock On Ruby was launched when we decided that these tops didn't have to be tacky or cheap - girls want to look good on Hen Parties too you know! As a result, we introduced some cool slogans and quality pieces; these turned out to be more popular than originals! ROR steadily grew into a strong fashion brand from there and now includes a huge range of clothing and accessories.

ROR: What is your main role at ROR?

H: At the moment, I'm mainly focusing on developing new ranges and collaborations! We're very lucky to have an awesome team in place to make and market our products ;-), so I can get on with looking at the 'Next Big Thing'. This weeks tasks also include accounting though, which isn't as exciting...

ROR: What are you most excited for this year at ROR?

H: 2017 is an exciting year for ROR! We're growing rapidly and have already been working with some amazing people. Our latest collaboration was with Glamour magazine for their Positivity Project we've seen our tops on Louisa from the X Factor, Holly Willoughby and Beauty blogger Alex Steinherr... Who knows what lies ahead for 2017! We've got more exciting new products in the pipeline and even a dapper new mens range on the way... 

ROR: What do you get up to outside of ROR?

H: ROR is extremely time-consuming! It's hard to switch off - even in the evenings, emails and social media notifications are always coming through. To wind down, we try to get out for a walk with Ruby or I go to our local Trampolining Club to blow off some steam!

ROR: What is your fave new in product?

H: The whole Valentine's Day range this year has been really exciting to put together and shoot. I think it looks awesome and is really wearable all year round. My fave design is the 'Sidechick' phone case by DOM&INK.

ROR: What will you be doing for Valentine's Day this year?

H: This year we've rented a house up in Scotland for Valentine's weekend. Valentine's day should be about spending time with the ones you love, so we're whisking the family off for some much needed R&R! (I will of course be taking the 'All Mine' sweatshirt with me! 


ROR: What is your role at ROR?

S: At ROR, my main job is to print, press and process all clothing and makeup bags that have been ordered by our lovely customers! I also have a jewellery collection in collaboration with ROR, (new and hot off the press!!), featuring a series of handmade coloured gemstone rings and earrings.

ROR: What did you study at uni and how do you use your degree now?

S: I studied ‘Decorative Arts’, at Nottingham Trent University, where I specialized in precious metals; I was absolutely in my element everyday. I use the skills I learnt through my degree every day! When I make jewellery I use my degree directly; however I use my hands-on creative skills all the time: through design, CAD, colour theory, even just making sure text on makeup bags are straight!

ROR: What kind of jewellery do you make?

S: I make simple, delicate jewellery, using beautiful coloured gemstones and sterling silver. My fave pieces to make are my gemstone stacking rings: they my most popular pieces too, which is a bonus! I love trying out new things though - I love playing with different colour combinations, new textures and compositions. My next aim is to develop a series of gemstone pendants!

 ROR: What do you love about jewellery making?

S: I find making so therapeutic; I love working in my own little world in my teeny workshop. I love taking raw materials and bringing them together to make shiny new things! I am constantly collecting new coloured gemstones to create new and on-trend colour combinations, alongside various textures, metal finishes and styles. The possibilities are endless when you’re armed with motivation and creativity: so exciting!

ROR: What is your fave new in product?

S: I absolutely love our new positivity designs! My fave is Dom’s new ‘you got this’ design; looks beaut and fresh in white text on the new baby blue sweatshirt. I'll definitely be rocking this all through Feb for that much needed February motivation!

ROR: What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?

S: This year I am going away for the weekend, to a lodge in the Lake District with my boyfriend Miles and another couple, cute double date weekend!. ROR ‘My bae is better than your bae’ t-shirts will definitely be worn… (My bae is better though.)


ROR: What is your role at ROR?

A: Officially, I am the Social Media and Content Writer! So that means organising posts for all social accounts including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as writing all the blog posts (who has written this? We shall never know...) I also photograph lots of the new product and upload them with copy onto the site. Recently, I have started making the banners for the website’s front page, to showcase all the pretty pieces we have coming in, as if you needed enticing any further!

ROR: What did you study at uni and how do you use your degree now?

A: I studied Fashion Journalism at UCA in Epsom. The course really taught me a wide range of skills, from video editing to InDesign, not just journalism. Writing is my forté so it helps when thinking of great captions for posts about our super sassy slogan products. It’s also useful when Team ROR get together to brainstorm ideas for new collections!

ROR: What do you get up to outside of ROR?

A: When I'm not tormenting my cat Pookie or out shoe shopping, I'm binge watching shows like ­Stranger ­Things or Pretty Little Liars. When I get the chance I love to travel, so I also do travel writing for SUITCASE magazine - I wrote a guide to Cape Town most recently! I'm really looking forward to this adventures I have planned this year, which includes Amsterdam in July.

ROR: What do you love about writing?

A: I think writing is a really underrated skill. Words can change a person's opinion, make someone fall in love, reduce them to tears or even, more appropriately, entice them to buy something they never knew they wanted in just a few sentences. Words are powerful, and I love being able to wield that power.

ROR: What is your fave new in ROR product?

A: I’d definitely have to say our Hello phone case – I have one for my own phone and I have had so many compliments; it’s a unique product that you won’t get anywhere else. Clothing wise, I am in love with our ‘You’ve Got This’ sweatshirt for Glamour Magazines #ThePosi­tivi­tyP­roject with Not On The High Street – I’m all about the metallics this season.

ROR: What will you be doing for Valentines Day this year?

A: I will be going out for a meal with my boyfriend on the 14th. It’s the first year I’ve had the chance to celebrate with someone special, so at the end of February we’re also going on a romantic getaway to Rome. I’m in need of some authentic Italian pizza ASAP!!

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know us a little,

Lots of love,

Team ROR


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