Mercury Retrograde: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

Bare with us, this bit is a bit scientific...

Retrograde is when a planet’s orbit appears to change direction to its natural solar path. In this instance, Mercury Retrograde is when the Earth passes Mercury on its journey around the sun, making it appear as if Mercury is going backwards. Mercury is closer to the Sun than Earth and orbits the Sun every 88 years, compared to 365 days here on Earth. Therefore, Mercury has experienced 4 years by the time it has been 1 year on Earth, which means Mercury is in retrograde 4 times a year.

Are you still with us?

Essentially, When Mercury is in retrograde it means it is going ‘backwards’. This notion is an optical illusion though, as earth is just passing Mercury in this period. But from our perspective here on Earth, it is slowing down and going backwards. 

Confusing? It took us a while to get our heads around it too! Think of it as a moving car. If a car is in front of you and you speed up past it, it gives the illusion that the car next to you is slowing and going backwards, whereas you are both still on your normal course. This process is said to create turbulence and energy that reaches Earth to knock everything off-kilter for the weeks of retrograde.

What Effect Does Mercury Retrograde Have? 

In ancient astrology, the planet Mercury is said to be a messenger to the mind, linking mankind and the supernatural powers of the world, also known as the Divine. Cool, right?

As Mercury appears to go backwards, our minds and bodies also slow down, creating difficulties and obstacles in many aspects of life as our mind is said to not function at its optimum.

It creates struggles with communication, electronics, relationships, businesses and general mood and well-being. It is advised that important projects are postponed until the astrological phenomenon passes… and maybe up the coffee dosage!

Experiencing a prolonged case of resting bitch face? Don’t worry, it’s just Mercury Retrograde ;) 

What Can I Do to Stop the Effects?

You can’t stop planets retrograding because technically, the science of Mercury being in retrograde is correct, as the Earth does overtake Mercury four times a year. But whether you choose to believe the effects of the supernatural is up to you. Whether it’s coincidence or not, many people recognise their lives taking a turn for the worst during these periods…

You may not be able to stop the effects but a bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody! Shop our Mercury Retrograde edit <3

Mercury Retrograde

To add to the spookiness of it, Mercury began its last retrograde of the year on Halloween this year… But don’t worry - it finishes on the 20th of November! You got this.


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