Millie Mackintosh's Classy Hen Party

Millie Hen Party

Millie's London Hen Party!

When the gorgeous Made in Chelsea star announced her engagement to rapper Professor Green in March, we KNEW Millie wouldn't let us down when it came to the Hen Party...

Shunning the usual sophistcated Hen Party options (Spa Day and Tea Party... Yawn.) the posh girl with the party attitude hit the town in style at the weekend!

Keeping her look classy ina simple LBD, Millie completed her look with killer heels and a Bride to Be tiara with hot pink veil!

Millie and her equally gorge model friend Charlotte, seemed to have a blast posing with champagne flutes and a couple of cheeky straws spotted on the Made in Chelsea star's Instagram.

The girls couldn't contain their excitement tweeting about the teeny straws whilst en route to their venue... In fact Millie should have known not to expect a quiet night as her friend Charlotte De Carle tweeted earlier in the day:

"Tonight Matthew I am going to... ruin "

The day after her big night out, Millie posted a pic of her super cute Hen Party cupcakes. We love the personalised photo toppers of her and Pro Green - super cute!

If you want a classy Hen Party theme, then take inspiration from Millie's look:

1) A simple party outfit will show off your Hen Party Accessories to the max. Pick black for utter sophistication or white if you want to show off that you are the Bride to Be

2) Keep your Hen Party Accessories to a minimum - A Tiara is a great way of adding a little fun to your night out without detracting from the rest of your outfit...

3) never underestimate the power of a willy straw! These tiny treats can offer hours of fun. Just make sure each girl has her own to avoid any arguments.

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