My Big Fat Gypsy Hen Party!

Ok, who HASN´T been watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding recently?
The latest series has had us hooked as we´ve been watching the infamous gypsy way of life! From the enormous Communion dresses tothe Ginormous Wedding dresses... Each week brings an even more outrageous Wedding to our screens!

If you LOVE the Travellers motto of ´The Bigger and Brighter and Bling-ier the Better´ then you´ll LOVE our Big Fat Gypsy Hen Party section:

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Hen Party - My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

With neon tutus, diamante transfers and flashing tiaras, your Hens will look as glamorous as the Travellers!

Get matching Hen Party Accessories for all your Hens and why not complete the look with a massive pink Hummer? The Bride will love you forever...

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Lots of love,

The Girls xx

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