My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Review!

With not one, but two fabulous Royal Weddings this year.. It seems Channel 4 are jumping on the ´Wedding bandwagon´ with the return of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! .

The new series follows the Weddings and engagements of several teenage brides within the ´Traveller´ community. But this time there´s even more revelations (and we´re not just talking about the amount of skin on display!!)

With ENORMOUS Wedding dresses, mountains of make up and fabulously Neon Bridesmaids, we can´t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store? Last night´s lessons from two 15 year old girls on how to avoid getting ?grabbed? by Gypsy Boys was definitely an eye-opener!!

.Apparently a traditional Gypsy Wedding should include:

- A MASSIVE extravagant Wedding Dress (if the Bride can´t walk, move, eat or wee in it then it´s perfect) - Sequins, Glitter, feathers, flowers, butterflies - the more accessories the better - At least 6 equally decorated Bridesmaids with Neon dresses - A Limo (big enough to fit in Massive Wedding Dress) - Fake Tan - ?Grabbing Guests? Gypsy Weddings are a perfect opportunity for younger travellers within the Community to find a future husband/wife. This is done through the art of ?grabbing? i.e. forcing a girl to kiss you. .

We can´t quite see William and Kate having the same things at their Royal Wedding...!

And it seems that it´s not just us Girly Night Out girls who are hooked on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - Katie Price is also a fan of the show!

Last night Ms Price released a statement finally announcing that she and Alex Reid had split! (Shock, horror!)

After months of speculation and rumours, Katie released a veeeery long statement outlining reasons for the separation. In the statement Katie said Alex had "changed" and that the marriage had been a mistake as they had "married too quickly".

Katie tried to defend her actions by explaining: "Alex and I have spent many hours discussing our relationship and trying to make it work but issues between us are deep rooted?. I appreciate that there are those that will not believe that but I had agreed I would say nothing more than the statement we had jointly prepared.?

But whilst the media world pored over Katie´s essay of a statement, the lady in question was relaxing at home in front of the TV:

Katie tweeted: "Watching gypsy wedding with my sister haha"

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Love The Girls xx

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