My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding...

It´s back! And it´s going to be bigger than ever...

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding returns to Channel 4 this month with another host of extravagant and over-sized Gypsy Weddings...

The fourth season kicks off on the 14th February with a pink Prom Princess who nearly suffocates her date with her larger than life dress... Plus 21-year-old Dolores who gets married in a cat themed wedding dress!

But it´s the Hen Night costumes that you should keep an eye out for... Without giving anything away, all we´ll say is neon, ruffles and fruit. What. A. Combination!

And if that wasn´t enough to whet your appetite, wait till you hear this:

My Big Fat AMERICAN Gypsy Wedding is coming soon!!

The American version of the show will be shown on TRL but as of yet, not premier date has been confirmed. Production teams in the US are currently filming the eight-episode series that focuses on several travelling families. And in what seems to be a case of ´anything you can do, we can do bigger,´ the American Gypsies are keen to take to the stage. Let the rivalry begin!

If you´re inspired by the bright colours and extravagant designs of the Gypsy Weddings then this could be the PERFECT Hen Night theme for you!

Head to our neon wear and accessories section and layer up our glitter Tutus with our body diamonds and ruffle garters!


Do you dare to bare??

Love The Girls xx
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