National Sibling Day - Relatable AF Sibling Issues

It's National Sibling Day! I mean who knew there was an actual day dedicated to your fellow womb-mates. It's always a fine line between love and hate when it comes to your brothers and sisters. Yes, as your mum always tells you; you'll "have a friend for life", but in reality, growing up with a sibling can be a long term battle. Don't get us wrong, there are some positive points (you can totes blame them for things) - but the majority of the time it's arguments and tears!

They try and kill you - okay okay, maybe a tad dramatic; but most of the time it seems as though you really could murder them. Stolen belongings, getting blames for things you 100% didn't do or just getting all the attention, it's a miracle if you get through your childhood with a sibling without a little fight...

It doesn't get better with age - You'd think the arguments would get easier as you move on, move out and grow out...well that's the other thing; no better how old you are, whether you have your own kids or not, siblings REALLY know how to push your buttons!

They like to embarrass you in front of...anyone - No matter the place, the people or the importance of the situation; your sibling will find a away to embarrass you.

You have to FIGHT for the bathroom - Brother/sister, doesn't matter! When you reach a certain age, you all need to that bathroom time - after a vote in 2017, this was the NUMBER one reason for sibling fights!

They will fight for you - Told you it wasn't all doom and gloom. We may kill each other, but if someone else wants to hurt your sibling - YOU GOT THEM!

You can do crazy stuff that no one else knows - We're not going to end on bad terms. At the end of the day, the may wind you up like no one else, but they also share some awesome memories that no one else will ever have. This may or may not include your own sayings, private jokes and of course a special dance routine a la Ross and Monica!

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