Neon Hair Extensions - Britney and Avril love them!

They´re both making a come back and they´re doing it with colour in their hair!
Both Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears have new singles out and they are both rocking the punk look in their new videos...

Britneys video for ´I Wanna Go´ was released today and shows that the mum of two really is back to her usual sexy self (we love you Brit!) Strutting her stuff in a cropped Mickey Mouse Tshirt, the singer flirts outrageously with a Cop, flashes a passer by and gropes a fan....

Ex-rated stuff!

We love Britneys new look with neon pink hair extensions and short black gloves, we wouldn´t want to mess with this rock chick!

Avril Lavigne has also released the video for her latest single ´Smile´ in which the singer shows off her usual punk look! Despite being married, divorced and girlfriend of The Hills Brody, Avril doesn´t seem to have changed since her first video, ´Complicated´!

The gorgeous singer Rocks Out in her new video with green hair mascara and plenty of neon green accessories - totally funky! Just like Britney, Avril also wears a pair of short black gloves....

If the celebrities are wearing it, we want to wear it too!

Get the look with our Neon Hair Accessories, Short Black Net Gloves and punky neon jewellery:

These Barbwire Neon Bracelets are brand new to Girly Night Out and we think Avril would love them!

Happy Shopping you crazy Rock Chicks!

Love the Girls xx

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