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So it's only Tuesday and already it's been a very busy week! Little Prince Louis was Christened, with his Aunt Meghan diving opinion in her khaki outfit (we LOVED by the way), Boris Johnson has quit his job as Foreign Secretary, with many people thinking he was one of the new boys going on to Love Island, speaking of which; Frankie and Grace were dumped, Josh asked Kaz to be his GF and yesterday it rained for 10 minutes in Manchester after a whopping 16 days without a drop - PHEW. If you're still with us after all that, then let us introduce you to the best thing to happen this week (we promise) - oh yes, we have some new sassy slogans online now and we couldn't wait to show you!

Resting Bitch Face Collar T Shirt - Our RBF tee has had a 2018 make over. Yup, our best seller was in need of a summer revamp, so we went minimal, chic but still oh so sassy!

Brows Like Frida T Shirt - You may know by know that the world is having a little obsession with Frida Kahlo right now. With an exhibit at the V&A and social posts going viral, we wanted to show our appreciation to the queen and one of our biggest inspirations; so we added 2 new designs to our Frida collection - including this beaut!

Frida Your Mind T Shirt - This is the second of the new Frida tees! This time we've gone big and bold and we want to spread the positive Frida vibes!

Snakey Snakey Snakey T Shirt - We've been getting inspo from Love Island and all of last week's antics in the villa. We feel our new snakey tee just about sums it up! We did have Josh in mind when we designed this, but this week it's Georgia! We just can't make up our minds!

Follow The Sun T Shirt - We mentioned it hadn't rained up here in Manchester for 16 days, so technically we don't have to follow the sun far, but for the inevitable day when the rain returns, we're ready with this cool tee!

Literally T Shirt - We literally say literally WAY TOO MUCH, so what better way to incorporate our most used word, that to immortalise it in a sassy slogan tee - YAS!

Bubble Initial Sweater - Personalisation is our specialty and this time we've kept it simple yet sassy with our bubble print initial sweater. Design your own sweater and stay individual, and stand out from the crowd - YAS QUEEN!

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