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Pub Golf Fancy Dress - Golf Socks - Girly Night Out

After several requests for Pub Golf costumes and accessories, we decided that it was time to give our Pub Golf range a bit of a boost for Spring!

And after months of dark mornings and wearing black, we couldn't resist a squeal of excitement when these colourful, argyle socks arrived at GNO HQ...

(We've since spied these socks in this months Cosmopolitan magazine - looking fab with neon accessories and converse!)

The classic, golf print combined with the bright colours and over the knee design will certainly add a touch of fun to your Golf costume! Wear with white shorts and a bold polo shirt to make sure you Tee off in style!

Now that you 've got the basics of your Golf fancy dress, what you really need are those key accessories to complete your look... Tiger Woods wouldn't be caught dead on the green without his trusty golfing glove - we would recommend one purely for holding your drink and preventing that pesky condensation from ruining your fake tan!!

Don't forget that whilst out on the "course" you may need a golf visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and lifting all those shots may require a pair of sweat bands to keep you cool!

Pub Golf Visors and Accessories

So now that you look the part, make sure that you've got the right Golfing lingo to get you onto the winners podium!

Handy Pub Golf Phrases:
  • Course - The pub crawl!
  • Holes - Each stop along the course eg Pubs, Bars
  • Caddy - Any tag-a-longs who aren't actually playing the game...
  • Par - The number of sips you aim to drink your drink in -  or beat!
  • Hole in one - Down your drink in one (Don't do this too regularly, you might not finish the course!!)
  • Birdie - One under par
  • Eagle - Two under par
  • Albatross - Three under par
  • Condor - Four over par
  • Bogey - One over par
  • Double Bogey - Two over par
  • Triple Bogey - Three over par
  • Quadruple Bogey - Four over par
  • Water hazard - Toilet break!
  • Handicap - This is a good thing!? An Advantage

So there you go girls! You're ready to go golfing!! Head over to our Pub Golf section to see our complete range of Golf Costumes and Accessories xx

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