NEW! Willy Hen Night Accessories

Be careful what you wish for ladies.....

That´s right, a whopping 3 FOOT Willy landed on our website this morning!! But not to worry, it´s only the hilarious Inflatable Willy that´s just one of our NEW Willy Hen Night Accessories!

(Phew!) .

Inflatable Willy Inflatable Willy - ?12.99

It´s true that size matters, so make a BIG entrance on your Hen Night with this brilliant inflatable willy. It´s a fab hen party accessory that´s guaranteed to make the Bride blush!

Also new in are these multi-coloured Willy Straws! They´ll brighten up any cocktail, so get sucking girls! In handy little packs of 6, get a Willy Straw for all your Hens.

And finally, get moving to the music with these pink glitter Willy Boppers! Watch them wiggle and bounce as you hit the dance floor - hours of fun!
Don´t forget to spice up up your Hen Night with some of our great Hen Party games - it´s the best way to break the ice between groups of friends that don´t know each other well. Our hot pick has to be the Bride to Be Secrets game - how well do you REALLY know your Bride??

.Have Fun Girls!

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Lots of love xx

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