New Year's resolutions you won't give up on

We've all broken resolutions two weeks into the new year. I think the main thing that can help you stick to resolutions is not be too strict with them. Being too strict with it means that when we accidentally slip up it feels like we’ve failed completely and then what’s the point in carrying it on?! So, keep it simple. Start small to create a habit and then go from there!

some easy new years resolutions that you won't give up on in 2021

Have the option of stairs or an escalator? Choose the stairs!

It’ll be over in 10 seconds so what difference will it make in the long run other than getting you some extra steps in? It's one little thing that you won't even think about until you see some stairs.

Drink more water.

This is mainly just me telling myself but it is a good general one that most people could do! Just having this idea in your head is more likely to make you remember to grab a glass of water. Keeping it vague also means you won't completely fail and so won't give up immediately - usually...

Take note of little joys in your day - literally.

Writing things down can be a really good way to distress, but as soon as you tell yourself “I’ll write a diary entry every single day” it becomes a chore and you end up not wanting to do it. Just taking note of small things like this can help you get in the habit of writing - and you’re more likely to see the good in the day because you’ll be looking for it!

More Self care!

I know we preach self care a lot over here - but it can seriously change your mood! Make more effort to make time for YOU. Your resolution could even just be to not see it as selfish. Positive mental attitude! There is nothing wrong with having time for yourself to recharge and relax - and this resolution will make sure you remember that.

Make some sustainable swaps

This could be as easy as telling yourself to always keep a reusable cup in your car or bag so that whenever you get a coffee while you are out, you can have it in that instead of a disposable cup. Or you could go all out and decide to make one swap each month to ease yourself into things. By the end of the year you'll have 12 sustainable changes but will have only had to do them one at a time.

What resolutions have you got?

Bethan ROR xx

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