Now In Halloween Costumes!!

Halloween Costumes for Girl

Hi Girls!

There have been some super spooky goings on at girlynightout HQ this week... Bats, cats and spiders have taken over our pretty, pink office! But fear not, we can reveal that this is just the start of our eagerly anticipated Halloween Collection finally arriving! (phew!)

As Halloween is one of our favourite times of year, the team here at GNO have spent the past couple of weeks putting together Halloween Costumes too devilish for words! From halloween tights, stockings, leggings and wings to horns and capes, we sure you´ll be able to find the perfect outfit to bring out your dark side.

Our Hot-Pick for Halloween this year has got to be our fiery Devil Wings - you´ll have to agree they looked frighteningly good on our photo shoot teamed with a tutu and red horns.

Keep checking our site over the next week for the latest, spooky additions (if you dare!).

Lots of love The Girls xx
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