One Film You Won't Want To Miss... Magic Mike.

Girls, what could be more exciting than watching Channing Tatum strip??

How about a movie where Channing Tatum AND Michael McConaughey AND Alex Pettyfer ALL strip?! WOW. Yes Strippers have long been a saucy tradition for Hen night and Stag Parties... But this movie is the A-list version of "Dreamboys"!

Forget the Full Monty, Magic Mike is based on Channing Tatum´s own real life experiences as a stripper! Apparently the gorgeous movie star kept his naughty past a secret from his parents, who only discovered the truth when he gave Ellen DeGeneres a cheeky lap dance on her chat show!

Speaking of his time as a Stripper on the Today Show, Channing said, "It was definitely a crazy part of my life, and I survived it!"

Well it looks like Channing has easily stepped back into his chaps for his latest film role..

Apparently the boys involved had a strict routine to stick to in order to get in shape for their roles. Their beautifying regime included working out three hours a day, sticking to strict dairy and gluten-free diets, applying fake tan and EVEN waxing their legs. (Welcome to our world boys!!)

The film is due to be released in the UK mid-July. OR if you want a chance to see Channing in the flesh (although probably fully clothed) make sure you´re in central London on Tuesday 10th July for the UK Premiere of Magic Mike. Get all your girls together for a fun Girly Night Out to the cinema - a great Pre-Hen-Party-Party!!


Love The Scout xx

PS. You may have noticed that we have not elaborated on the plot of this film. That is not an error, we have no idea what this film is about except that it has hot, naked men in it. That´s enough for us.

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