Our Fave Moments From Love Island 2018!

Yes, the time has come. The programme that has made us laugh, cry and very loyal. Despite it being extended by 2 weeks, it still doesn't feel long enough, and we're not ready to say goodbye! Yes, Love Island may not be an intellectual, hard hitting series, but it has certainly captured the nation's hearts. It started off as a bit of a 'guilty pleasure', but now we happily discuss the couplings and dumping on the Island of lurrrveee. So, as the series is reaching it's end and we will soon have to choose the worthy winners (I mean, Jack and Dani have to win right!?) we thought we'd look back over the past 8 weeks and countdown our 10 most memorable moments! Enjoy!

Niall's Rainbow Fish - Yes, remember Niall! He was one of our faves from day one, but sadly Niall left after just 1 week! His one liners and infectious personality made us love him! We wish he could have found his rainbow fish!

Wes Leaves Laura - Again, can you even remember them together!? But when snakey Megan made the move on snakey Wes, they were a match made in snakey heaven, but sadly left Laura dumped! We think she's doing just fine with the 31 year old male model, so everything happens for a reason right!?

Casa Amore - How can we not mention all the drama Casa Amore caused! It was the downfall of Gee and Josh, the start of Josh and Kaz and the first time we thought Dr Adam could be in with a chance of a hot date! Even though we hated the Islanders separated, it was great to see Wes get a little bit of karma when Megan chose the guy with the glasses (yup, can't even remember his name...oops!) and we definitely think absence made the heart grow fonder for Jack and Dani!

Sam Slates Adam - It was about bloody time! Yes, on his first night, Sam came in and basically told love rat Adam where to shove it! Even the boys seemed happy that he had finally been called out, and it made us love Sam from day one!

Adam and Wes' Bromance - The only thing we liked about muggy Adam was his relationships with the boys. He did seem (sort of) alright when it came to the lads, and always seemed to look after his mates. We especially loved the reenactment of Ghost...

Jack and Dani Become Official - Ahhh our fave couple of ALL TIME (maybe minus Kem and Chris) this pair have been head over heels from the start, so we got a little emosh when Jack finally plucked up the courage to ask her to be his GF! Plus all they've done is cuddle for 8 weeks, true love!

Georgia Is Loyal - THE KISS - The biggest mystery since 'who shot Phil Mitchell' - the kiss divided the nation, not to mention the Island! Even though we had clearly seen the loyal Gee pull Jack back in, everyone still got into a major debate!

Adam and His girls -  I mean, where do we start. Yes, he is nice to look at (minus the tight jeans), but after starting with lovely Kendall, he was soon onto Megan (but that never happened, imagine, snakes together!) then Rosie, Zara, then Darylle oh and then back to Zara again. We were left speechless night after night, as he carried on like treating girls badly was his hobby - luckily, karma meant Zara was sent home, and he soon followed!

Dr Alex Gets a Snog (finally) - Yes, may have taken 6 weeks, numerous attempts and several friendships later, but Dr Alex finally met his match when the lovely Alexandra landed on Love Island. We weren't sure at first, but after their date, break up and then make up in the Hideaway, we really think this is genuine (and about time!).

Lie Detector - I mean, we know it was only last night, but OMG. Also, we must point out that we totally know that it's all fake and the naughty producers decided when to press 'true' or 'false', but we love every minute of it (apart from Jack's bit!). Ohh they really know how to ruffle some feathers, and it gave the boys a bit of a tough time (and it was great to watch them squirm!).

Thanks Love Island  - You've made summer 2018 a memorable one!

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