Our Fave Sex And the City Outfits

It's official, Sex and the city is coming back to our screens! While I'll happily take any new TV series right now because of Lockdown, I have got very mixed feelings about the whole thing. Yes, I am definitely ready for more gossip, cosmos and drama but... without Samantha?! It just doesn't feel right. She was the highlight of the whole series. Who's going to deliver overly sexual and hilarious one liners now?

I mean obviously I'll still be tuning in though. I need my fix of really out there outfits and cannot wait to see how the characters dress in 2021. So, to celebrate their return, here's just some of my favourite outfits from the Sex and the City series...

our favourite sex and the city outfits


carrie bradshaw sex and the city little black dress outfit inspiration

Let's be honest, Carrie's outfits were not good a lot of the time. I admire her bold aesthetic but it was not for me. This dress however, I need. So simple - so well fitting - I want it SO bad. Less is more Carrie is my kind of Carrie.


Samantha sex and the city rooftop party outfit inspiration

Samantha is giving us all the cottagecore vibes in her rooftop party outfit and I love it. The red gingham and milkmaid top is too cute and weirdly on trend now?


sex and the city winter outfit inspiration

The coat and sunglasses combos in this picture makes me seriously jealous that me and my friends can't go out somewhere in coordinating outfits right now.

This Fendi coat though!


charlotte sex and the city all black outfit inspiration

Charlotte annoys me so much throughout the entire series, but I have to admit, her rich New York housewife look in this pic is everything. The leather boots, the black fur, the matching bag - SO GOOD.


Sex and the city 90s style leather blazer outfit inspiration

Okay, tell me these outfits couldn't be worn today? A button up cardi (barely buttoned), leather blazer and a headscarf?! My only issue is the low rise jeans, but it's Samantha and it was the early 2000s so of course we'll let her off.


Miranda sex and the city off duty casual outfit inspiration

Miranda never really comes to mind when you think of SATC outfits, but I think that's just because your eye immediately darts to whatever overly bold, tulle filled outfit Carrie is wearing. This outfit seems to have a lot of hate from other SATC fans... but it is 100% something I would wear now. Oh God that definitely says something about my fashion taste!


Carrie bradshaw sex and the city dress outfit inspo

Again, the silhouette of this dress is unreal. When she calms it down on the accessories, Carrie really gets it right. I need a dress like this in my life.


Carrie bradshaw bold out fit sex and the city inspiration

Okay. I know... I don't want to like it, but I really love this outfit. Who knows why. Maybe it's the cowboy the hat. Maybe it's just the matching colour palette of the whole thing. I honestly don't know. Definitely feel free to judge me on this one I deserve it.

Which character's style is your favourite?

Bethan ROR 


P.S. sorry for the low quality pictures but this show did come out in 1998!

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