Our Freshers Words of Wisdom

As Freshers Week gets under way, we think it's time for a little word of advice for future Prime Ministers, Lawyers and possible cleaners of tomorrow...

Freshers Fancy Dress Advice

So here it is, with love from our GNO Grads, the things we wished we knew when we were Freshers:

Listen up freshers! Everyone says that "School is the best years of your life" but they are so wrong. It is Uni Life! School just doesn't give you the same sense of freedom, wide range of fancy dress or cheap alcohol that uni life will bring. Those 3 to 4 years may be stretching ahead of you now, but before you know it, you'll be throwing your cap in the air and waving your dissertation at your tutors! So here's what you need to know:

Student Digs - Shared bathrooms, communal kitchens, this isn't like living with the 'rents! Your new neighbours will become your new fam, so prepare to spend hours swapping box sets, chatting about important things like Hollyoaks and debating over whose turn it is to buy toilet roll. You may be excited and unsure of what to expect, but if you keep calm and claim a food cupboard ASAP, you're bound to survive. Throw yourself into the first few weeks of uni life. Say yes to everything and go everywhere! This is generally when your friendship groups are formed - and if you're flatmates are odd, you'll need to get out of there as much as poss...

Student Loan - One minute you're rich beyond your wildest dreams.. and then Freshers Week happens! Ergh. Suddenly you're forced to live on beans and toast for weeks on end. Don't worry. You’ll never have enough money for books but always enough for a cider in the union. Make the most of your student discount - Topshops suddenly starts to look quite expensive once that 20% doesn't come off...

Student Drinks: Nothing fancy! Student drinks are all about what's on offer or what's in your cupboard. A tenner will most certinaly be enough for a night out, but gone are the days of Smirnoff and Coke - Own-brand vodka with Rola cola are what you'll be getting now! Half your night will be spent pre-drinking so be prepared to have to work hard for your drink - Ring of Fire can be very unforgiving.

Student Fancy Dress: Forget normal clothes. Your wardrobe will now mainly consist of Army camouflage, Red and white Where's Wally stripes and the odd Hawaiian Lei. Don't even think about clearing out your wardrobe at home because you just never know when those old cowboy boots will be needed for a Western night... Check out our Freshers Fancy Dress Blog for all the outfits that you will need to get through Uni life! Student to Graduate: It’s amazing how quick you grow up and graduate... Final year will see you swapping lie ins for lectures and beer for coffee. (Well, almost.) Your uni days may almost be over but just think of what you will have gained... Ok, so maybe endless hangovers, cheap food and Primark clothes sounds a bit dodg. But for the most part, meeting friends for life, living independently and maybe even moving to a new part of the UK are going to be THE best, most eye opening experience you'll ever have. So go for it! YOLO!

With love,

The GNO Grads xx

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