Our New #GirlCrush - Dua Lipa

Last night was one of the biggest nights in the British music calendar; The almighty Brit Awards. It was also the night we fell in love...with the incredible woman that is Dua Lipa! Arriving on the red carpet in a pink ­Giambattista Valli gown; Dua looked sensational and completely stealing the show. But it was her later incredible performance and empowering acceptance speech that really won us over.

Dua Lipa burst into the UK charts at the start of last year with her first single 'Be The One'. She was discovered on Youtube when her now management, spotted her covering other artists songs. They gave her her first record deal at just 20 years old, and since then she's rocketed up the charts and into our hearts.

Her video for 'New Rules' her number one single from 2017 just reached a whopping 1 BILLION views on Youtube, making her the youngest EVER female artist to have that many views on a music video! She is just amazing! She's also pretty clear about her role in the industry; championing female rights and equality, making her a fantastic role model for young women around the world.

When it comes to fashion, Dua Lipa definitely raises the steaks! With her colourful clothes and wacky accessories, she makes fashion FUN! She regularly experiments with styles, brands colours and textures and makes us want to go out and buy faux fur coats in all the colours of the rainbow!

Her new single IDGAF (I don't give a f*ck) is set to be another hit; following on from 'New Rules' this is another girl power anthem, all about how to deal with breakups, boys and not taking life too seriously - something we're definitely on board with!

We can't wait to see what is coming up for this incredible lady, not only is she absolutely beautiful and talented, she's also our hope for more strong female role models in a year where equality and strength is more important than ever!

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