Our Top 10 Romantic Movies

Can you read the title of this blog without singing it - nope, we thought not (it's been in our head ALL day!). So yes, as you can tell by our sensual title, we're getting in the mood for Valentine's day tomorrow! Now you may think we're being a little hypocritical, considering we were raving about how good being single and slayin' is, just last week. Well, turns out you can melt our cold black hearts with a little bit of love. We're in a romantic mood (plus have some super adorbs slogans) so thought it would be good to give you some romantic films ideas to get you in to the swing of lurrrveee.

Our Top 10 Love Romantic Movies

The Notebook - I mean how can you not get the feels when watching this tearjerker

Love Actually - Okay, so it's technically a Christmas film, but it's just too goo to leave off the list!

Sleepless In Seattle - An oldie but a goodie - plus you get to see young Tom Hanks...he's a bit of alright!

10 Things I Hate About You - Heath Ledger is it for us. Reminisce on the 90s heart throb and get all teary eyed when she read that poem!

Ghost - I mean who hasn't seen this classic (okay me, until last year). It's a bit of a weird one, but that potters wheel scene is a gooden!

My Best Friend's Wedding - This rom-com features a 22 year old Cameron Diaz looking pretty, but even she can't compete with mega babe Julia Roberts! The sing-a-long is the best part!

The Titanic - No matter how much you watch this block buster, it still doesn't add up that Jack wasn't on the door at the end - SHE COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!

Dirty Dancing - So a bit of a stretch to call it "romantic" but it has love in it...and dancing and Patrick Swayze.

Notting Hill - Oh a niece young Hugh Grant and our girl crush Julia in this quint little rom-com. We love every minute!

Pride and Prejudice - If a bit of Jane Austen can't get you in a romantic mood then nothing will!

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