Paris Hilton - Party Girl to Jailbird!

Hello Ladies!

You may have heard that one of America´s most famous party girls, Paris Hilton, vowed yesterday that her party girl days were finally at an end! The revelation came after a court case where she was fined a hefty £1,300 for cocaine possession.

After Paris admitted to possession and obstructing police, the Judge warned that she would face jail if arrested again in the next year. The socialite pledged to change her partying ways and has apparently told friends "I´m taking this ordeal as a wake-up call. I´m over being a party girl. I want to trade in the club scene for a life at home."

Our girlynightout team is thrilled that Paris has now offered to spend time volunteering at animal shelters and working on her business ventures. However, being party girls ourselves, this means that the road is clear for a new Party Princess! Who will it be girls?? You?!

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Love Ya! The Girls xx

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