Personalised Mugs For the Office!

There´s nothing worse than turning up to work in desperate need for a cuppa, only to find that your mug is MISSING. Gone. Vanished? AWOL!

Then your precious mug is discovered on another desk, lipstick stained and half-full of old tea. Gross.

To solve this recurring problem at Girly Night Out HQ we treated our girls to their very own Personalised Mugs!


The mugs that we chose for our girls were from our Personalised Keep Calm Gifts range. There is a whole range of titles for you to choose from to suit all personalities!

From the very girly Keep Calm Buy Shoes, to the Keep Calm and Click On Mug... Which one will you pick? Suitable for all occasions, these mugs will make a great birthday present or reward for your "Employee of the Week!" (Yes, we do that at GNO HQ!)

Personalised Mugs on Girly Night Out

Not only do these mugs have the iconic phrase on the front but you can also choose up to 4 lines of text to go on the back! We chose to have our company name on ours, but you can add a little message, wish someone happy birthday or simply put their nickname on!

Tip: Why not add how you like your brew on the back of the mug?! Milk and Two Sugars please!

Personalised Mugs on Girly Night Out Tea Time inside Girly Night Out HQ!

Our range Personalised Gifts includes a whole variety of products, but there´s no better accessory for your Keep Calm Mug than a Personalised Keep Calm Chocolate Bar!

Make your break time a real treat with these personalised Keep Calm gifts!
Love The Girls xx
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