Personalised Tshirts by Glee!

We love Glee! And we love their style...

On last night´s episode, those crazy choir kids all wore personalised t-shirts with their flaws written on them so that they could "own" the traits that other people made fun of...

We don´t think that the Glee crew have anything to be ashamed of!

We´re hooked on this Seasons series of events... From Regionals to Nationals we are loving the twists and turns of each show - and of course those cheesy show tunes have us gripped! .(Although with slogans such as Finn´s "Can´t Dance" - and Mike Chang´s "Can´t Sing", we have to wonder how the group made it to Regionals!?!)

And this isn´t the first time that the Glee squad have rocked out in Printed Tshirts...

What would your tshirt say??

If you´re looking for an unusual theme for your Hen Night or Girly Night Out then why not get Printed Tshirts made up? Get your girls together and choose the message that you want the world to see!

Then simply complete your look with our brilliant Hen Night Accessories!


Happy Shopping!

Love The Girls xx

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