Pirates of the Caribbean 4

The Pirates of the Caribbean are BACK!

And while we are thrilled to see the gorgeous Johhny Depp back on the big screen, it seems that other people aren´t so keen... The film previewed last night to rather soggy reviews!

The fourth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean ´On Stranger Tides´ opens in Spain, where a man has been recovered from a fishing net with a journal he claims contains a map to the Fountain of Youth.

Once the British crown gets wind of this discovery, they send out their own team out to recover it, led by wig-lover Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush).

Captain Jack is shanghaied and placed in the brig of none other than Blackbeard (Ian McShane), whose super sexy daughter Angelica (Penelope Cruz) is also onboard...  Of course, she just so happens to be an old flame of Captain Jack Sparrow.

The quest of the three groups of grumpy men (the Spaniards, the Brits led by Barbossa, and the pirates led by Blackbeard) are all in a mad scramble for the Fountain of Youth. Throw in plenty of Rum, some amazing Pirate Costumes and some very bad wigs - and thats Pirates of the Caribbean 4!

** Our hot pick?? Keep an eye out for the magical Mermaids in the film!

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Love the Girls xx

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