PJs Are Your New BFF

"The fact I have more clothes to sleep in, than go out in, says a lot about who I am as a person"

So if you didn't already know, yesterday was National Sleepover Day (I mean there is now, literally a day for EVERYTHING!). But we're not complaining - we love a good sleepover, heck we love sleeping FULL STOP. You may know us for our sassy slogan sweaters and tees, but did you know we also have an EXTRA sassy collection of nightwear? From personalised PJs, to fabulous dressing gowns - we've got you covered!

Personalised PJ Set - Who doesn't want their name in gold on a super cute pair of PJs!? They make the perfect, thoughtful gift and are great for hen parties too!

I Look Better On The Internet Dressing Gown - Doesn't everyone? Okay, so us in our dressing gown, my not be out best look...but at least we can admit we use a filter (or 2!).

Tanning In Progress Nightie - What's a sleepover without some DIY beauty treatments!? We have the PERFECT tee for tanners! Keep your sheets clean, and your skin golden brown with our tanning t-shirt!

I Woke Up Like This Nightie - Give them fair warning...you totes forgot to remove your make up last night (but it was soooo worth it for those extra 10 mins sleep!). Our cheeky slogan nightie is the perfect partner for those partiers!

Scrolling Through Instagram Nightie - We like to have a specific nightie for specific occasions. This one is our "schooling through instagram and sitting in bed eating donuts" nightie...YAS!

Too Glam To Give A Damn Dressing Gown - We like our nightwear to tell a story...well this is the story of our life. Too glam to give a damn baby! Perfect for lounging around the house in...not giving a damn!

Power Nappin' Nightie - Who doesn't love a good nap. Mid morning, late afternoon, before a big night out? YES! Now you have the perfect thing to nap comfortably in (whilst looking super sassy).

Adulting Sucks PJ Set - They never told us it was this hard (or this expensive) being an adult! At least you get to choose your on PJs, and what better than our plain talking 'Adulting Sucks' set!

Shop out entire nightwear collection here!

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