Plastic Free July - Small Changes To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

At Rock On Ruby we think it is so important that we all do our best to help the environment given its current climate. As a business, and especially as part of the fashion industry, it's even more important for us to do so. We understand how hard it is to go fully plastic free, or even to feel like the small things you are doing are enough. But every little change is a step forward! We haven't reached perfection at Rock On Ruby just yet, BUT we are trying and see that you are too! We've decided to share with you some of the changes we have made to try and make Rock On Ruby more eco friendly each year - as well as give you some ideas on how you can reduce your plastic usage too!

Rock On Ruby Plastic free July

The changes we have made over the past few years range from little, daily changes to big product alterations. For example, something as small and simple as having our milk delivered to our office by our local milk man rather than buying it in the supermarket means that we no longer use plastic milk bottles - glass all the way!

But then on a bigger scale, our white, grey, pale pink, nude, black and navy t-shirts are all made from 100% organic cotton. This means no polyester (a form of plastic)  They're also manufactured in facilities that are powered by green renewable energy meaning a 90% reduction in carbon footprint! But don't worry, we are looking into expanding our range of organic cotton sweaters to reduce our consumption of polyester even further!

your planet needs some self love organic t shirt from rock on ruby

Another big part of "doing our bit" was changing our packaging. We switched to paper bags in 2017 and can't believe that since then we have saved using over 120,000 plastic bags! We are so happy we made the switch! Our paper packaging is completely recyclable and just looks super cute too. ♻️ We also decided to start using fully biodegradable mailing bags. They look and feel like any other plastic bag except you can actually put it on your compost and it'll break down within weeks.

rock on ruby eco friendly clothing packaging

While this is what we do as a business, very similar steps can be taken in your day to day life as well. Like the milk bottles! It's such a simple thing that can make such a difference. Glass can be reused more easily and recycles forever - plastic only recycles into something of a lower quality.

Some other really easy and small changes are as simple as using a tote bag rather than a plastic bag or a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water every time you're out! Wait, I think I know a good brand that makes both these things.... But obviously, this only really works if you buy the products you truly need in the amount that you need. Having 15 tote bags to choose from might be nice, but it creates a new waste problem.

Another great switch is wax food wraps instead of cling film. Cling film is the most annoying product on earth to use anyway so you might as well use something else! There are so many DIY how to's out there to make you own or, if you're not one for DIY, more and more independent companies are popping up selling them! Plus you can support another indie retailer. I've got a really cute bee pattern one from Manchester market!

I know I mentioned plastic free July before, but I just want to make sure that you know that this is what we do every day, every month. There is a slightly more in depth version of everything in this post here.We want to always be moving forward here and being the best we can be! If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to let us know!

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