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April 22nd is Earth Day! Each year we use this time to reflect on our business and what changes we can make to lessen our impact and improve our offering. In support of earth day this year we have decided to launch something brand new for ROR. From today, every time we are tagged in one of your amazing images of our packaging or postcards over on our Instagram, we will donate the funds to One Tree Planted to plant one tree! We're super excited about this and can't wait to spread the positiviTREE! Here's all the info on what, why and how we're doing it...

support planting trees with one tree planted and rock on ruby when you tag pictures on instagram

Why trees??

Why have we chosen to plant trees for each tag? Sustainability is a topic that we are very conscious of (as we should be!) and so over the years we have tried to make Rock On Ruby a more eco friendly brand - from our products to our packaging. Being able to give back to the environment in this way is one more step to a better future for our planet.

You must have heard the saying that trees are the lungs of our planet. They breath in the opposite way to use - carbon dioxide in, oxygen out - so they literally make the air cleaner for us. Like giant hoovers almost? But they're also more than just that. Trees are homes! According to the woodland trust, oak trees alone support 2,300 species! And on top of all that, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that green therapy is definitely a real thing. Spending time outside can completely change your mood so why wouldn't we want more greenery?

The issue is that forests are on the decline. So we need to help!

wwf deforestation statistics quote 2021

What are you doing?

We've decided that for every image of our packaging that we are tagged in from now, we will donate the amount of money needed to plant a tree to the charity One Tree Planted. This is their speciality! They've got all the knowledge and all the hands to plant trees that will grow and support our environment. They've been planting trees since 2014 and have planted a whopping 11 million of them since they started! We think they know what they're doing! You can click here to head over to their website for even more info. Here you can read all about where your tree could be planted and who's doing it. This is partly why we chose One Tree Planted. They're super open about how everything is done, where they go and how your money is spent!

how tree donations work when you tag us in an image with one tree planted

image via One Tree Planted

How do I get involved then?!

It's super simple! Just snap a pic of our sassy packaging or the new postcard that comes within it, tag us in the picture @rockonrubyltd, add the hashtag #positivitree and there you go. You just funded a new tree! :) Our new postcards also have the info on all of this. We can't wait to see all your parcels arriving and begin funding our own little ROR forest. Why not get creative with your pics?

rock on ruby unique and sustainable slogan packaging brown paper packaging for clothing company rock on ruby

Use the hashtag #positivitree when tagging your pics to spread the positivity.

Will you be joining in?!

Bethan ROR xx

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