Prepare for St. Patricks Day!

We have been ´laughing out loud´ in the office at the new St. Patricks Day Guiness adverts today!

The clever advertising campaign has been launched by Guinness in the run up to St. Patricks Day, in the hopes that it will help men prepare for their Lads Night Out...

But don´t be fooled, whilst the adverts do encourage men to drink sensibly (duh!) the real educational messages behind the adverts include:

1. How To ´Have Conversations with a Stranger´ ,,

2. How To ´Smile´ ,

3. How To ´Give a Man Hug´ ,

The ads will run across YouTube and Facebook to show what Guiness think men should-and-shouldn´t-do whilst enjoying St. Patricks Day!

We think that men should Definitely get some St. Patricks Day Fancy Dress involved!!

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Have fun Lads!

Love, The Girls xx

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