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So Pride "Season" is in full swing this Summer, and whilst here at ROR, we support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community all year round, we recognise that the Pride events are a great way of raising awareness for the community and equal rights.

Thinking of heading to a Pride event this year? Here's what to expect:

Remember! Pride events are a protest. The aim of the day is to march for a cause, for tolerance & acceptance in every day life, and aiming to end issues like workplace discrimination. So whilst there may be one hell of a party going on, you should also expect to see:

A Parade. Protest Banners. The Pride Flag. Incredible, costumes, outfits and glitter- Pride is a about making a statement after all... Lots of PDA!

Does Gay Pride mean that Straight people can't attend? Hell no. If that were the case, a straight person dating a bisexual person, wouldn't be able to attend. A Proud parent wouldn't be able to support their child.  What the LGBTQ+ community is looking for, is support from people outside of the community - so yes, have a blast and party, but be respectful, be open minded and most of all, be ready for an education.

With Gay Pride events happening across the UK all year round, we asked some of our fave bloggers from Hull to share their day at their local #PrideinHull - and why they were so passionate about attending this year. Meet Jenny, Emma, Violet, Ashton and Kat - proud founders and members of Hey_Bloggers  (a fierce, blogging community based in Hull)

Gay Pride in Hull with Rock On Ruby Pride T shirts

What is THE BEST thing about Pride in Hull and why would you recommend people go to a Pride event?

Emma: The best thing for me is seeing how everyone is happy, dancing away and sharing the love! Not to mention the fantastic entertainment ❤️

I would highly recommend heading to a Pride - it doesn't matter who you are or who you love, it's about sharing an inclusive day with no judgement.

Ashton: The best think about Pride in Hull is the feeling of seeing a community come together and the pure joy they have! It's always such a wonderful day, and it genuinely makes me smile from ear to ear. The amazing acts are definitely an added bonus too, of course!

I really feel like people need to go to Pride to experience just how inspiring it can be. There are people from all age brackets, backgrounds and experiences there. A truly magical day. ❤️

Why to attend a Pride event this year

Jenny: The best thing about Pride in Hull was the sense of the whole city coming together to celebrate diversity, inclusion and love in all its forms. The Mayor of Hull is actually part of the LGBTQ community himself and gave a very empassioned and inspiring speech. People should attend Pride events to show their support to the LGBTQ community, meet new people and celebrate the things that make us all individual and fabulous.  ❤️

Violet: The best thing about Pride in Hull this year was the atmosphere and the feeling of everyone coming together to really demonstrate support and love in the community” 

I’d recommend it because a) it’s SO much fun! And b) it’s an entertaining, free event for all the family (I’ll be taking my son next year!)  ❤️

Gay pride event in Hull with Rock On Ruby

Kat: The best thing about Hull Pride was the overwhelming feeling of unity and acceptance, which in essence is the point of such events. There were lots of families there too, which I loved because it’s instilling those values of open-mindedness from a young age.

People should attend Pride events for a number of reasons - to show support to others, to become educated on what it’s like to be a member of the LGBT+ community, to meet other people who are maybe struggling with their gender and sexuality and finally, to celebrate the fact the LOVE IS LOVE ?  Finding love in any guise is incredible and a reason to celebrate.

Gay pride in Hull with The Hey Bloggers

We've been working closely with our fabulous designer @domandink this year, to ensure that our designs for 2019 are our most colourful and inclusive Pride collection yet. We also have 20% of the proceeds going to the LGBT Foundation year round. We can't wait to see how you guys 'Rock Your tops" not just at Pride, but all year round!

Are you heading to a Pride this year??

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