Problems Every Bridesmaid Will Relate To...

Ahh weddings; A magical time in 2 people's lives, a chance to celebrate their everlasting love for each other in the front of family, friends and loved ones. But if you look closely enough, you'll see several girls that look slightly worse for wear, shattered and emotional (and for very different reasons!). Yes, the life of a bridesmaid is mostly of joy and love for a friend of course, but with great a great role, comes great responsibility! Prepare for cat fights, stress and drinking (lots of drinking!). We speak from (plenty) of experience, so have put together some of the top problems us Bridesmaids face!

Prepare to spend...a lot!

Yes, after the immediate delight of being asked to be part of your friend's special day...the reality hits. Forget the times you used to head to Blackpool with some feather boas and rude props - now it's all about the 'destination hen party'. Think Santorini, a villa and a giant unicorn inflatable $$$

There will be one girl in the group you do not like - fact

Having to spend a lot of time with a group of girls, that aren't necessarily friends will always be hard, no matter how old you are. In a normal life situation you may be best of friends, but forced together, under immense pressure and with stressful dress fittings, you'll just have to do the best you can!

You'll be under pressure like never before!

Dress fittings, dress hating (your own and hers!), mother-in-law troubles, hen do planning - you name it, it's your job to help sort it out! This wasn't what you signed up for! Well embrace it, as the pressure won't be off until they're on their honeymoon!

Something will go wrong.

It may start off so well. Planned to perfection, timings on lock down and everyone is where they should be. But trust us, whether it's the Bride having a break down, something going missing or even a little "I can't do this" moment (actually happened) you'll find yourself having a little "I can't cope" moment, but trust us, it all works out in the end!

You'll turn to drinking...

At some point (for us it happened pretty quickly) you'll cut your losses and turn to drinking. Things are going to get a lot easier after that point (not suggesting alcohol solves ALL of your problems...). So poor yourself a martini and embrace the stress!

If you're will feel VERY SINGLE.

Weddings are all about, well love. So if you're single, it will make you feel absolutely crap (even if you're a powerful, independent woman!). But this is one day, one relationship, you'll have your time, and then you can make your own friend suffer *cough cough* we mean bridesmaids.

But the end of it all, you get to party HARD!

Yeah, you may have suffered for a good year, but at the end of the anxiety, stress and sugared almonds (do they even exist anymore?!) you get to celebrate your bestie tying the knot and the fact the it's all over!

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