Proud AF Slogan T shirts 2017

With Pride season just around the corner (London Pride is NEXT weekend!) - we teamed up with our fave, Dom and Ink, to create the ultra sassiest, campest and above all the most fabulous collection of slogan t-shirts and sweaters! Up here in Manchester, Pride is close to our heart. We have one of the largest Pride parades in the UK (August Bank Hol Weekend!) and Canal Street is THE place to go for a partaaaay!

Now we like to think we're pretty camp here at ROR anyway...come on guys, our logo is a dog-unicorn called Ruby! But, in all seriousness, we really wanted to show our support for the amazing events that will be held up and down the country and around the world in the next few months, in solidarity with all the amazing people involved in the LGBT community. So, wear your pride on your  Pride where everyone can see it - on our fab 'Proud AF' sweaters and tees!

With rainbow letters and the classic Dom and Ink font, go for the in your face large slogan, or keep things slightly more subtle with a cute breast pocket design with the signiature rainbow. Why not go all out with our unicorn-tastic 'Camp and Proud' tee!? I mean could it get any better!? So - get your perfect Pride partner now and wear your slogan with, er...pride (sorry!).

Shop the collection on our etsy page HERE <3

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