Pub Golf Fancy Dress? Sorted!

The great old tradition of the British "Pub Crawl" never gets old!
The most popular theme for a Pub Crawl has to be Pub Golf. Why? Because it´s suitable for guys and girls, it´s (fairly) easy to understand and it gets you royally crunk...

Pub Golf Outfits - Pub Golf Fancy Dress
Girly Night Out Girl Sophie (front row, white top!) and her pals hit the Pubs!
How to Play Pub Golf -

The idea behind playing Pub Golf game is to travel around 18 different pubs or bars where each stop is classed as a ´golf hole´.

Tip: Ladies, you may want to do half a course - especially if wearing high heels!

You will need to pick the pubs that you want to go to and then map out your route in advance! Make sure your pubs are fairly close to each other to make your course manageable...

Tip: If you don´t do plan this in advance you may find it extremely difficult to organise a large group of tipsy golfers!

So you´ve got your route, now all you need is some cheeky Rules to make the game more fun!

Pub Golf Rules: 1. Each pub (hole) has a par assigned to it. Each Par can represent a different drink and even the number of mouthfuls you´re allowed to finish your drink!

EG: * Par 1 - shooter * Par 2 - A glass of wine (red or white) * Par 3 - A bottle of beer (any) * Par 4 - A pint of beer (any) * Par 5 - Jaegar Bomb.

Tip: A good range of drinks should be included... You might need some non-alcoholic drinks to keep you going!

2. You Golf Score is based on the number of sips taken to finish a drink... The person with the lowest score wins the game! No cheating now!! Each person is given a score card to keep note.

Tip: Why not copy our GirlyNightOut Golfers here and wear your card around your neck?!

3. Drink substitution is allowed - but with a penalty! (You decide!)

Other Penalties can include:

- Using toilet without permission - Drinking using your Right Hand - Pointing

So now all you need is to look absolutely fabulous - and that´s where we come in!

Our Pub Golf Outfits have always been very popular so we have decided to extend our range of Accessories and Sock! Now you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your fancy dress... Which are your favourite?
Thanks to Sophie Evans and her pals in Aylesbury for sending in photos of their Pub Golf Crawl! Tweet us a picture of you in your fancy dress to @GirlyNIghtOut and you too could star in our blog or on our Pinterest account!

Love The Girls xx

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