Race for Life in Fancy Dress!

She certainly won´t be the first or last woman to wear a neon pink wig whilst on a Charity run this year... But Halle Berry certainly pulled off the look in style! >

Proving that Neon Pink and Blue look great together, Halle took her mark at the Revlon Run Walk in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The actress has been a Brand Ambassador for the cosmetics company for many years and came to lend her support at the 18th Annual event.

Wearing a simple outfit of jeans, a white T-shirt and black zipped up jacket, Halle added a touch of fun with bright neon pink wig and a blue feather boa.

Get ready to don your very own crazy pink wig as the Race for Life runs kick off THIS month!!

Head to the website to see when your nearest event is being held...

Us Girly Night Out Girls will be heading over to Bolton on the 3rd July in our finest Pink Fancy Dress! - Come join us! It´s for a great cause, it´s a healthy fun day out and of course, we don´t need much of an excuse to get our best Fancy Dress Costumes on!

What you will need:

Fancy dress and finishing touches - Many women add fairy wings, feather boas, head boppers and tutus to their ´running gear´. Why not turn it into a fundraiser and get sponsored to wear the silliest Fancy Dress!?

The Essentials! - Make sure that you have: rthe unning number and back sign that you will receive in your Race pack trainers, sports wear and a good sports bra! >

Come on girls! Race for Life! xx

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