Red Riding Hood is back...

Last year there was the Alice in Wonderland remake... This year it´s all about Red Riding Hood?!

So be prepared for a fairytale invasion. After the success of previous remakes, Hollywood movie studios are about to unleash a wave of film versions of your favourite Fairytales?

The latest is an updated version of Little Red Riding Hood which stars the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried

If you´re a fan of Twilight then its likely that you´ll enjoy this Red Riding Hood remake? The film has been given a darker, sexual edge that isn´t aimed at the usual ´Disney´ audience.

Story Line:

The film is set in a medieval village that is apparently haunted by a werewolf? The story follows a young girl (Valerie) who is torn between two men. Valerie falls for orphaned woodcutter , despite her families wishes for her to marry the wealthy villager Henry?

As Valerie and Woodcutter plan to run away together, they learn that Valerie´s older sister has been killed by the werewolf that prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. And that´s when Valerie realises she may have a unique connection to the beast?.   ,One that makes her both suspect and prey?

Other Fairytale films being released soon are:

Jack the Giant Killer - Featuring Ewan Mc Gregor and the amazing Billy Nighy, this remake is based on Jack and the Beanstalk.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Starring Charlize Theron as the Villainous Queen?.

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White - Whilst Julia roberts plays the Evil Queen in this Brotehrs Grimm version of the same movie!

Beastly- Following the release of Tangled (AKA Rapunzel) Beastly is set to be another hit based on Beauty and the Beast but set in America? ,Love the Girls xx
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