Resting Bitch Face Gift Guide

You know us; we like to stay sassy! We believe it's the best way to get through the day; oh yes, a little bit of sass goes a long way. We know you guys feel the vibes, as some of of best selling products are our in your face, tell it like it is, utterly fabulous designs. Whether it's telling the world that you're 'f*cking fabulous' or just explaining the reason for your 'resting bitch face', we have the collection for you!

As well as a bit of much needed sass, we also believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve (or on the front of a fabulous slogan sweater in our case). Our utterly amazing/genius in house artist, Dom and Ink has designed some bad ass illos which happen to look incredible on our clothes and accessories.

Have you joined our 'resting bitch face club' yet? If not, there are many ways you can show your support for resting bitch faces everywhere. With mugs, make up bags and our personal fave, the bomber jacket; you can well now make it clear that this is an actual thing, and not just you being miserable (ok, so most of the time).

For the perfect companion, you can choose our phone case, or send some birthday sass to a resting bitch face you love with our new greetings cards! Embrace the natural bitchiness and own your gorgeous face!

You can shop our sassy range here!

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