Rock On Ruby ASOS Marketplace Festival Collection

You should all know by now that we're MASSIVE fans of all things glittery, colourful, bright and bold, and for our latest collection, we've gone EXTRA! Oh yes, festival season is here and we can't contain our excitement any longer! It's the perfect excuse to go OTT, so we've dialled up the SASS and created an exclusive ASOS Marketplace Festival collection!

Festival dressing can NEVER be too much - the more the better! Sassy slogans are our thing, so we've made sure we've embraced the spirit of free love, live music and happy vibes with this range of rainbow themed pieces.

We've teamed up with our fabulous in house illustrator, Dom & Ink (who better?!) and put on stamp on chic t shirts, sleek hoodies and colourful crop tops - making sure there is something for EVERY festival goer this summer!

Magic Eye T Shirt - £22

Glitter Nips Unite T Shirt - £24

Crystal Queen T Shirt - £24

Festival List T Shirt - £22

Rainbow Boob Crop Top - £21

Spread Happy Vibes Back Pack - £22

Glitter Nips Unite Tote Bag - £12

Literally Unicorn T Shirt - £24

Spread The Happy Vibes T Shirt - £24

[caption id="attachment_­3750" align="aligncenter" width="3246"] Happy Vibes High Neck Vest - £21[/caption]
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