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This year, we're really trying to focus on what Rock On Ruby stands for as a brand. We've always wanted to be a statement brand, but also a brand that actually has something to say.

We have certain things that we've believed in from day 1 and we've tried to get this across in our designs and our social media.

The main things we aim for are:

Ethical Fashion:

We want our clothing to be ethically produced and eco where possible. This year we have already made the switch to organic cotton T-shirts (for all of our plain colour tops) and are introducing other organic items to our range very soon. Sweatshirts, tote bags and make up bags will be a core part of our range by the end of 2019.

Keep an eye on our instagram for info on some other things we've been working on!


We try to keep our slogans tongue in cheek, but also positive! We know that real life can get you down, but what better way to put the world to rights than with some statement designs that can motivate you and keep you going. This new "I don't need validation' T-shirt was launched in the run up to Valentine's day, to show that Self Love is the best kind of love.

Organic cotton T shirt I don't need validation pink t-shirt from Rock On Ruby


Ok, there's a lot of chat about 'Girl Power' and being a female-led business, and all that jazz. To be honest, when I very first started Rock On Ruby, we did include feminist slogans in our range. This wasn't out of any trend led desire to be pro-women, but more that these were slogans that we could relate to and wanted to wear. I guess, I've been a feminist my whole life without knowing it and that's probably largely down to my amazing Mum, who has always instilled in us that we can do anything.


This is why we try to offer a range of sizes (from extra small to extra large) and choose unisex T shirts, so that our tops are genderless. We've proudly championed our Pride range since we launched it 3 years ago and are keen to ensure that a percentage of each sale goes to LGTBQ charities.

Organic cotton T shirt I don't need validation pink t-shirt from Rock On Ruby

Inclusivity is a big thing for us. 

There's a lot of chat about Body Positivity and clothing for 'real women'. This is me. I am a real woman (Right?!) I am aware that I am a skinny, but definitely very unfit, white girl with freckles. ⠀ We try to make Rock On Ruby as inclusive as possible, but as a small team, a lot of the time we shoot the product on ourselves. It's no secret that we work with bloggers to share style inspo, but now, we wanna see how you guys style our tees!

On our instagram, we've shared this I Don't Need Validation T shirt.

We'd love it if you could comment or DM us with how you'd wear this tee and we'll be picking around 5 people to get a FREE T-SHIRT - all we ask is that you send us some awesome pics in return!

Organic cotton T shirt I don't need validation pink t-shirt from Rock On Ruby

On the wall of our office we have painted the words:

Through the use of doodles, empowering quotes and unicorns, Rock On Ruby celebrates your friendships and lifes realities. Helping you find your inner sass, so you can take on the world with a strut in your step and flick of your hair.

We want this to apply to everyone! So check out our post on instagram and please do tag us when you wear our tops, we'd love to see! 

Holly x

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